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Thought everyone might like seeing the scenery around where I live. Who wants to come visit and go camping on one of those islands?

catsrlife212 replied to your photo “Hahahahahahahahaha I hate everything”

That’s fucking awful. Come to Canada bby.

Alright if you insist. Will I get a free 55 gallon drum of maple syrup once I cross the border? Or is that a myth?


Glymur, Iceland

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Hahahahahahahahaha I hate everything

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nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

Aw c’mon, their only purpose is to fuck as much as possible before they die. And they only live 2 days. You should be more sympathetic. The sex has got to be terrible. They don’t even have mouths.

A terrorist is called that only because he does not have the power of the State behind him – indeed, he has no State, which is why he is a terrorist. The State, at bottom, and when the chips are down, rules by means of a terror made legal.


Swarm of mayflies blankets a gas station near La Crosse, WI

I was in La Crosse yesterday. It doesn’t look like this anymore. They probably had to get out the snowplows this year. Nothing like ending up in the Mississippi because you drifted on a million bug corpses.

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Am I the good slayer now?

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Pretty awesome how my family hates the people that hurt me. My older sister even offered to call up my former friends to tear them a new one for not returning my stuff. She is damn scary, she’s 5’1” but she will tear your throat out with her teeth if that’s what it takes. She actually tore out an ex’s facial piercing when he called her a ‘whore that I had first’ in front of a new boyfriend. I need to learn how to not take peoples shit the way she does. And my little sister tells me how I’m awesome as fuck and I’ll make new friends that don’t screw me over. It’s true. I don’t need them, and they weren’t very good to me anyway.

I guess
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Home is behind, the world ahead.

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